Casting Lessons

The Metcalfe School of Fly Casting has something for every fly fisher at any level. We offer a variety of lessons for those just starting their journey in fly fishing or for the seasoned and experienced fly casters. Lessons are taught in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that can be tailored to fit your individual likes/needs.

Beginner- We offer beginner lessons where the fundamentals of fly casting are taught.

Intermediate – This class is great for a person looking to add new types of casts as they’re progressing in the sport of fly fishing. We will go over techniques such as single hauling, roll casting, and work on developing the accuracy of your casts.

Advanced – This class is for the very experienced fly caster who is either looking for a tune up or looking to learn a few advanced casts to add to their repertoire. We can teach double hauling , ariel mends, casting with wind issues, and distance casting.

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Pricing Casting Lessons

Casting class – $55 per hour minimum 2 hours. Additional anglers are $80 each (Max 3 anglers). Tax/Hst not included.